Different Types of Wedding Gifts for Bride and Groom

Thu, 08 Jan 2015

Everything about weddings holds great excitement, from the bride's dress to every little detail of the ceremony. After all the merriment of the day and the residual enchantment of the honeymoon, one thing that brides and grooms look forward to is opening their wedding gifts. If you are looking for the perfect wedding gift to buy that special couple, here are some exciting ideas that you can take from if you wish to give them something else apart from what they are asking from through a registry:

  • Cash – While a bit impersonal, cash is a good gift that most brides and grooms will appreciate, as this will help start them off with their important expenses.
  • A big-ticket item – If a big-ticket item like a piece of furniture is too much of an expense, you can pool funds with some friends to buy the couple what they need for their new home. This is a great way to help them build their love nest. Anything from a piece of bedroom furniture, some original art, or a basic appliance will be a great wedding gift idea for newlyweds.
  • Wedding photo frame – If you want something more personal to give to the couple, consider a personalised wedding photo frame. This is a great gift that they will surely appreciate, especially after the big day. A special message engraved on the frame's sides will add a great personal touch to your present.
  • Personalised glassware – Wine glasses, flutes, and whisky crystals are also great wedding gift ideas, especially if you choose to toss in a good bottle of booze or champagne to help them celebrate their married life.
  • Personalised items – Personalised his and hers items will also be a sure-fire hit to any newlywed couple.

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