Engraving A Message Or Even Initials On A Personalised Money Box Can Make The Recipient Happy

Thu, 18 Sep 2014

Money boxes make excellent gifts for children and teens—and now you can make them more special when they are personalised with an engraved message or the initials of your recipient. Nowadays, money boxes come in almost all imaginable shapes and sizes, so you can find one that can match the personality and preferences the child you will give it to. Try giving a personalised money box shaped like a car or a train to a boy. For girls, you can give money boxes shaped like a  carousel or a princess crown. There are plenty to choose from, so it’s easy to buy a personalized money box that represents the recipient’s hobbies and interests.

Order your money box from a personalised gift company that offers engraving. This is the preferred method of personalising a money box because it adds opulence and long-lasting value. You can engrave a date, name, or special message that is meaningful to both you and your recipient.

Money boxes can be silver-plated or made of resin. Silver-plated ones are sleek and luxurious, especially when engraved. Resin money boxes are colourful and bright, making them appropriate as gifts for very young children and they will always remember you for such a beautiful gift. 

Personalised money boxes can encourage children and young teens to save money, and can teach them the value of financial literacy at a young age. You can give an engraved personalised money box as a gift for a birthday celebration or a christening. Put in a few coins and bills for added luck. Your gift will surely be cherished.

Do you need a gift, fast? It is possible to order a personalised and engraved money box via express service that ensures prompt and fast delivery. The best engraving companies can dispatch your order on the same day of purchase, so you can receive it the next day. For more information click here.

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