How to Choose Personalised Wine Glasses

Wed, 10 Jun 2015

Personalised wine glasses can be a great way to mark or commemorate a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, or anniversary. They can be used by the newlyweds for their wedding toast or whenever there is a special event that is worth celebrating over a glass of wine. Some of the best personalised gift stores online that can provide free engraving on the wine glasses and a good selection of stemware, too. This way, you save money and time as you no longer have to go to two different stores.

Wine glasses may all look similar at first glance, especially for a non-drinker or an amateur. But they have subtle differences that can impact the aroma and flavour of the wine as well as the experience of drinking it. The contours of the glass can help you determine the amount of air that comes into contact with the wine, how much aroma can be released, the temperature of the wine, and where the liquid would first hit the tongue.

Look for a personalised wine glass with a wide bowl for red wines. The wide bowl promotes oxidation, which is important to allow the alcohol to evaporate and spread the aroma of the liquid. Much of what you taste is based on what you can smell, so it is crucial for red wine's aroma to be released to influence drastically its taste. For white wines and champagnes, choose a glass with a narrow bowl, which preserves carbonation and minimises oxidation.

Consider a personalised wine glass with a tapered shape to suspend the aroma at the top or around the rim, and to prevent it from wafting off when you swirl the liquid. The tapered structure can help prevent the wine from spilling when you swirl it, too. Look for a flared wine glass if you are giving it to someone who likes rich and fruity wines. A slightly flared rim can still hold the aroma while directing the wine's flow towards your front palate to highlight the flavour and temper the acidity.

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