Looking for a way to Save Money? Customise Your Savings with Personalised Money Boxes

Thu, 08 Oct 2015

It can be hard to truly stick to a budget and savings plan. Why not make it easier with a fun personalised money box? Having somewhere nice to put your hard-earned money into can make penny-pinching a little less painful. Personalised money boxes might make you look forward to saving those little coins and bills instead of spending them.

They’re Not Just for Kids

We all know that personalised money boxes make excellent gifts for young children who have yet to learn the value of saving for the rainy days. But money boxes aren’t just for kids—they are perfect for adults, too. There is a wide range of stainless steel money boxes in beautiful designs that look fantastic on the fireplace mantle or atop your bedroom drawer. Why not have two or three of them around the house—one for each goal? For example, you can have a money box for travel, for your anniversary plans, or even for that bathroom renovation you have been dreaming of.  

Wealth is built one quid at a time. This is why the money box or ‘piggy bank’ strategy still works. The seemingly gargantuan goal of saving for a trip seems a lot easier to contemplate and achieve when you reduce it to baby steps. Just think about it. If you are looking to save up for a nice holiday in 5 years and you want to accumulate £8,000 for it, you have to save £4.38 a day. Drop that into your personalised money box and transfer what you have accumulated every year to your savings account, and you’ll be on your way to that holiday. Be patient—all your change will add up, especially if you start a habit of saving them instead of, say, spending them on coffee.

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