Personalised Christening Gifts: Perfect for Love and Blessings

Wed, 22 Oct 2014

The christening is an important ceremony and occasion for families as it celebrates the baby's baptism and welcomes him to the Christian world. During this holy affair, the baby is officially named in a religious sense (even if he already has a legal name on the birth certificate). Because it is a special occasion, the baby is provided with spiritual advisers and guardians in the form of godparents, who can help keep him on the right path as he grows up.

Christening gifts are not necessarily required from friends and family, even if they are present in the ceremony. However, close family members, grandparents, godparents, and friends may opt to give a gift. Godparents traditionally provide a silver spoon as a gift to the baby to symbolise a life of privilege. Nowadays, there are more options in terms of gifts.

Parents may also choose to get personalised christening gifts to give as souvenirs to the godparents and the guests who witnessed their baby's baptism. An engraved photo frame with the baby's picture, name, and date of the ceremony is an example of a good christening souvenir for guests.

You can’t go wrong with silver christening gifts. You can choose to give a personalised silver gift to a baby such as a photo frame, money box, a necklace, or a jewellery box. Silver gifts can be engraved with the baby's name and the date of the christening, making them memorable keepsakes that the parents and the child will surely cherish.

Teddy bears, engraved cutlery sets for kids, and silver-plated christening certificate holders are perfect christening gifts that can be personalised for the occasion, too. If you are thinking of giving souvenir for the godparents and guests, consider personalised tankards or personalised trinket boxes.

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