Picking the Best Engraved Hip Flasks for Your Loved One

Fri, 11 Sep 2015

Engraved hip flasks are ultimate gifts you can give to a loved one on his or her retirement, wedding, birthday, or any other special occasion that calls for a befitting and unique gift. Hip flasks are popular gifts due to their wide variety of options and availability. You can order them from a reputable online store that specialises in creating personalised and engraved gifts for all occasions. There are many different styles available to suit the preference of your recipient. Aside from style, there are other factors to consider when picking the best engraved hip flask for your loved one.

The shape of the flask is one of the things to look at when shopping for an engraved hip flask. Conventional designs are best-sellers, but there are contemporary shapes, too, like cylindrical, round, cushioned, slimline, and oval. The shape may affect the amount of liquid the flask can carry, so be sure to verify this before making your final decision.

Hip flasks should be able to carry around 6oz of liquid. The standard size can easily fit into a trouser pocket or a jacket pocket. Some online stores carry specialty designs, like engraved hip flasks in the shape of a shotgun cartridge, which can be a fitting gift to someone with a penchant for guns or hunting.

Choose a design that is suitable to your loved one's taste. Hip flasks come in different types, like leather, sterling silver, pewter, leather, and stainless steel. Leather has a sleek and professional appearance, pewter is a traditional choice, and materials like stainless steel and sterling silver can have an elegant and opulent finish. The name or initials of your recipient and your special message can be engraved on the flask. Be sure to choose a suitable font that goes well with the text, the occasion, and the design of the hip flask.

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