This fabulous Engraved Monogram Wine Stopper is the perfect way to keep the fizz in your champagne and the bubbles in your prosecco long enough to enjoy a bottle of wine over two nights rather than having to consume the whole bottle in one sitting!

This beautiful silver plated wine and champagne stopper has two seals with a slight gap between to ensure quality freshness and no loss of fizz whilst storing your drink overnight. The top has a beautiful curved shape like a door knob and this shape helps with an easy grip for pulling the stopper back out of the bottle.

The wine stopper has our exclusive vintage scroll frame design engraved onto the top with monogram initials at the centre and an established date. We can personalise your wine stopper gift for your recipient by engraving their initials monogram style at the centre and adding their birth year after the standard fixed word ‘EST’.

Stopper dimensions: H110mm x Diameter 30mm.

Engraved Monogram Wine Stopper

Personalised Vintage Style Champagne Wine Stopper

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