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Our simply stunning Personalised Couples Jigsaw Heart Keyring is the perfect gift for a couple on their wedding day, for newlyweds and couples moving into their first homes as well as a wonderfully romantic gift between couples for each other.

This beautiful heart shaped keyring set is made from walnut wood and features a jigsaw piece design so that both keyrings interlock when together. The keyring is laser engraved with an ‘&’ symbol, which appears complete when both keyrings are joined together and the fixed standard wording ‘always’ appears on the left keyring and ‘Forever’ on the right keyring.

Your keyrings can be personalised as we can engrave your chosen couple’s names and a date onto the front above the standard fixed text for a fabulous gift that will mean so much to the couple all their lives together.

Personalised Couples Jigsaw Heart Keyring

Engraved Interlocking Keyring Pair, Ideal Gift for Couples, Weddings and Newlyweds

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