Engraved Crystal Vases

Personalised Vase Gifts

At Gifts Made Special we are continually striving to provide you with a fabulous choice of Personalised Crystal and Glass Vases to complement yours and your recipient’s home and our vastly extensive range of personalised vases means we are able to accommodate the corporate and event market too.

Our beautiful personalised crystal vases range from very traditional cut glass designs to gorgeous contemporary fluted, flared and angular designs that really showcase in a modern setting.

We have some fabulous personalised crystal vases, which also incorporate Swarovski crystals in their design and some lovely bubble base designs which add dimension to an already beautiful personalised crystal and glass vase.

The collection of personalised vases ranges from short and squat designs to tall and slender centrepieces, personalised vases which will make beautiful birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts for your friends, couples and family members, to our more showy and impact personalised vases, which will add gravitas to any desk, foyer or boardroom they grace or make great personalised trophies and awards at sporting and corporate event ceremonies.

We can personalise all our personalised crystal and glass vases with your chosen details, names and special loving messages as well as dates and on some of our collection of personalised vases we can also add logos and images to suit corporate and club branding requirements.

So, rather than displaying that tired old, cracked and chipped vase, shop and purchase one of our gorgeous personalised crystal and glass vases to smarten up your sideboard, prevent your roses from drooping and have a beautiful handy receptacle ready for the next time your surprised with a lovely bunch of Valentine’s roses or floral bouquet on Mother’s Day.

Also we are not afraid of giving away our awesome Christmas inspired design ideas, why not grab a load of pinecones off the floor, spray them gold and drop them into one of our gorgeous personalised vases for a Christmas décor accessory that will really get noticed.