Personalised Smokers Accessories

Engraved Lighters

Lighters and smoking accessories aren’t really just for smoking these days and are fast becoming synonymous with the savvy, and here at Gifts Made Special we want to ensure you have the best quality and most stylish personalised and engraved Zippos, lighters and smoking accessories in your pockets and handbags.

Ever been caught short at a Child’s birthday party running around frantically for a lighter or matches and wishing there was a smoker attending so you can actually light the candles on your child’s cake? Ever been stuck trying to light the candles on Valentine’s Day and realising your plastic lighter has given up the ghost or wished you had bought some matches from the supermarket after all? This is probably the reason why personalised engraved Zippos are fast becoming the popular handbag and pocket accessory of choice for non-smokers.

Smokers will appreciate our quality personalised and engraved Zippos for the superb accessories they make and their reliability even in damp weather! Many a campfire and camping trip have been saved by a Zippo after the matches fell in a puddle.

Our fabulous range of personalised engraved Zippos and lighters includes; polished and brushed chrome, brass, standard and slim line sizes and even a Zippo hand-warmer lighter that produces heat 10 times hotter than standard Zippos for those cold wintry nights outside the pub enjoying a smoke with your pint.

Our personalised and engraved lighters and smoking accessories make excellent gifts for all occasions, birthdays and anniversaries - where you can personalise names and short meaningful messages – and also as stocking fillers at Christmas time and they are great gifts for groomsmen and ushers on wedding days.

We have a fantastic selection of personalised engraved cigar cutters and holders, cigarette cases and even a personalised and engraved cigarette case and hip flask gift set.

All of our personalised engraved lighters and smoking accessories can be personalised with names and messages to ensure your loved one’s gift is that bit extra special, and where possible we offer gift box upgrades and a gift wrapping service to provide you with the easiest and most relaxing shopping experience.